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Are you looking for a comprehensive logistics service provider and a customs warehousing service provider to help you simplify the management of your logistics?
Then you are looking for RCM.

We offer an extensive range of logistics solutions in an international environment, including freight forwarding services, transport and storage of goods.

No matter where you are shipping your goods and what your specific requirements are, our experience, professionalism and an active network of business partners, supported by the latest technology, give us an unparalleled ability to meet your needs in the shipment of your goods in different geographical areas around the world.

RCM specializes in customs and tax consulting. We are the holders of customs permits, which, within the framework of tax and customs representation, offer you the possibility of deferring the payment of customs and tax duties upon import. Unburden your cash flow and divert liquid assets to investments.

With almost 30 years of experience and more than 50 professionals specialising in the field of logistics,
we want to guarantee you that we are a logistics partner that you can trust to perform its logistics function in a time and cost-efficient manner.
Make your logistics easier, simpler and more cost effective.



!!! NEWS !!!


We are glad to inform you that the construction of our modern customs warehousing center (location: Hrpelje - Kozina), is going according to plan. 


Customs warehousing - new in 2021


By sea, air, rail or road - for many years we have been solving the logistical needs of our customers on a global level, making sure that your goods arrive at the destination on time and within affordable solutions.

Our business units are located on the Slovenian - Croatian border, which allows our business partners to clear goods 24/7. RCM d.o.o. provides comprehensive support in customs services, transport services and customs warehousing.

The advantages of RCM d.o.o. are in digitalised business processes with business units located in key strategic positions, which provide our business partners with optimal transport routes, and thus optimise their costs associated with transport.

RCM Slovenia is positioned in the immediate vicinity of the Port of Koper, which represents the fastest connection between Asia and the countries of Central Europe, and is only a step away from the Suez Canal. However, the popularity of the location comes with two drawbacks:

  • Nearby warehouses are always full and
  • storage prices are unacceptable.



Freight forwarding services


RCM d.o.o. has specialised in the area of customs services through a 30-year tradition in the field of logistics services.

RCM d.o.o. offers comprehensive solutions in the area of customs services for the needs of import customs procedures, export customs procedures and transit of goods, TIR documents and T2L documents.

In customs services, we offer 24-hour consulting support in the fields of:

  • Implementation of customs procedures for import, export, transit: T1, T2, T2L, TIR;
  • Forwarding of customs documentation;
  • Customs inspections;
  • Veterinary, phyto-sanitary and health inspections;
  • Intrastat reporting.

RCM d.o.o. represents you in direct and indirect representation in import customs procedures 42 and 40.

Would you like to unburden your cash flow when importing? More info on the tab Customs procedure 42 and Customs warehouse or contact us at info@rcm.si




Transport services


Land transport

In freight forwarding, RCM, d.o.o. organises road and rail transport of goods, we also offer cargo and transhipment services. In RCM, d.o.o., we offer you the organisation of transport of various types of goods with our own fleet and a network of long-term business partners:

  • Classic transport of goods;
  • transport of dangerous goods (ADR);
  • transport of bulk goods;
  • transport of oversized cargo;
  • groupage transport.
  • RCM, d.o.o. offers weekly international transport to and from the following countries: Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Italy. We also provide daily transport throughout Slovenia and Croatia.

As long-term holders of the AEO and ISO 9011:2015 certificates, we are a reliable business partner in the supply chain, who can offer competitive prices, accuracy, responsiveness and reliability based on many years of experience in international transport.

Sea transport

RCM d.o.o. is located in the immediate vicinity of the Port of Koper with its Business Unit, where we can quickly and efficiently organise sea transport of your goods. As part of sea transport, we organise transport of:

  • Full container loads (FCL);
  • less than container loads (LCL);
  • general cargo; and
  • project cargo.

The ideal location of the business premises of RCM d.o.o., BU Koper, which is in the immediate vicinity of the Port of Koper, provides us with optimal conditions for cooperation with the Port of Koper, ship brokers, customs authorities and local transport companies.

Air transport

In a constant battle against time, we organise time-efficient delivery of goods for the needs of the international environment. We make turnkey deliveries for you, including customs clearance of goods.

Because we want to offer our customers a time and cost acceptable logistics solution, we have established a road/air service, which is the most affordable combination of transport in terms of price and time.







Why RCM d.o.o.?


 RCM d.o.o. is a proud holder of the renewed standard ISO 9001:2015, Quality Management System. 

Authorised Economic Operator Certificate (AEOC). The European Union's AEO programme is part of a global initiative to ensure the security of the entire supply chain.

We obtained permits from the Financial Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (FURS) for simplified procedures in the implementation of customs formalities in customs procedures, which means faster implementation of customs procedures.

According to current financial and economic achievements, the Bisnode rating agency ranks us among the recipients of the AAA Gold Creditworthiness Credit Rating Excellence, which is achieved only by 2,648 registered companies in Slovenia.

Holders of the Excellent SME Certificate.

Member of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations FIATA.





RCM d.o.o.