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We keep Europe in motion! - FRIKUS ŠPEDICIJA d.o.o.!



About Frikus

FRIKUS was founded as a transport company in 1928. Today FRIKUS is partner to companies throughout Europe in managing their global logistics concepts.

The combination of logistics expertise and a large fleet of trucks make FRIKUS a specialist in the development and implementation of individual logistics solutions.





Vehicle transport

For the professional transport of vehicles, FRIKUS has car and truck as well as closed vehicle transporters of it´s own. Various superstructure systems guarantee efficient transport and short handling times. FRIKUS offers suitable storage areas for vehicles and handles all activities involved with storage administration.



Our fleet

Car Transporters: shear and spindle pulling systems / negative platform systems for maximum utilization / reinforced platform systems which allow payloads of up to 15 tons.




  • Special superstructures for a variety of vehicle types

  • Vehicle stocking

  • Comprehensive logistics services

  • Fast and reliable vehicle distribution from the manufacturer to the dealer or the consumer throughout the whole EU region



  • Vehicle manufacturers (passenger cars and commercial vehicles)

  • Dealers

  • Private



We also offer you:

As an international transport company FRIKUS has its own fleet of 550 vehicles. Modern and innovative equipment guarantees efficient handling for all requests.

Every day FRIKUS developes economically and environmentally best transport connections - in any case the most suitable transport.



  • Covered transport

Whether plastic elements, vehicle components or pre-fabricated house – we offer you always the right vehicle for your product. All vehicles are low-noise and equipped, with low-emission motors, modern navigation satelitte system and communication systems.



  • Bulk transport

FRIKUS offers individual transport solutions for all types of bulk goods. The vehicles meet all necessary safety guidelines. Custom-made equipment allows an efficient freight handling from round timber to bulk.



  • Waste management

With modern "Walking Floor" - semi-trailers for transport of bulk goods we supply our recycling-timber customers just in time.



  • Liquid transport

With FRIKUS special tankers fuels, lubricants and chemical products are delivered to their destination efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner. The FRIKUS company has an on-site car wash. In this, not only the company's own truck trains are washed, each carrier also has the ability to be cleaned trains in Zettling from the outside against his truck payment.



  • Containers & swap-body systems

For global implementation of logistics concepts FRIKUS also offers container services such as container manipulation, in-out handling, container inspection, container transport and storage.



FRIKUS - constantly intelligent Logistic-Ideas!

Our specialists have a lot of innovative Ideas. Individual Logistic modules create intelligent solutions for Industry & Trade. The specialists dispose of a special Know-How for all specific requests.

Customized Inbound-, Inhouse- and Outboundsolutions, empty packaging management, spare parts and disposal logistic made FRIKUS to one of the specialists in the industry of logistics.



Contact us!

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