Since 2008 the World Wide Web is richer for a transparent and user-friendly project, which combines all the best Slovenian transport providers presented together in one place – www.avtoprevozniki.eu.

After almost 8 years of operation, the project has become extremely recognisable reaching monthly more than 18.000 visitors who are looking for transport providers for the transportation of their goods. It is an international project translated into 7 different languages and lately attracts more and more visitors from abroad (approx. 55 %). The vision of the project is to become in 3-5 years a globally recognised project in the field of transportation.

Company: DEMAR, poslovne storitve d.o.o.
Short name: DEMAR d.o.o.
Headquarters: Gmajna 10, 1236 Trzin
Register No: 6573833000
VAT No: SI60946024
Bank account at SKB d.d.: 10100-0053893971
Registered with the: Ljubljana District Court
Director: Mario Šarčević

Director, Company Owner

Mario Šarčević
M: 0590 74 060
E: mario@avtoprevozniki.eu

Project Leader

Stipe Jurić
T: 0590 74 062
E: urednistvo@avtoprevozniki.eu

Marketing Manager

Dunja Malkoč Bernik
T: 0590 74 061
E: info@avtoprevozniki.eu

PR, public relations

Patricija Grad
M: 0590 74 061
E: demar@avtoprevozniki.eu

Key Account Manager

Matej Gilvar
M: 0590 74 061
E: urednistvo@avtoprevozniki.eu